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Turtle Box Gifts was born out of a passion to create fun gift baskets with delicious baked items to give to my friends. My name is Robin, and I have been baking for over 15 years. My family gave me the nickname, “the Ugly Baker,” because oftentimes my cookies and muffins were either lopsided or in shapes other than round. Nobody ever turned down one of my “ugly creations”, however, because they always tasted good.

I believe that God gave me the ability to make people laugh. I grew up struggling with my identity because I felt like I never quite fit in. But, God made me different for a reason. He wanted me to be able to understand and identify with people. Now I can use all those embarrassing moments in my life to make other people smile. Who knew that accidentally turning my hair purple many years ago would inspire a funny gift basket? My baskets are not classically beautiful, but they invoke a spark of joy or humor in the recipient. That’s my purpose…to help bring joy to other people’s lives.

I really enjoy baking tasty gifts for people. I always try to think about the person’s personality, and I try to match the gift to them. I believe that anyone’s day can be brightened with chocolate and a smile. Ultimately, my gift basket business is about sending out a little sunshine to people in need of a smile. I would like to think that if I needed my spirits lifted, someone would do the same for me.

In essence, each unique basket is lovingly put together and is full of whimsy. I want to create a delightful experience for both the sender and receiver.

Thank you!


Robin Wanke

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