Cookie Chick

Cookie chick was born out of the desire to concentrate on making every day tasty.  Who doesn’t love a warm, delicious cookie?  They are the homely cousin to the more sophisticated desserts.  However, they invoke a sense of joy to the beholder.  Cookies remind us of home, of happiness, and of simple pleasures.

Love Mac Baby!

Looking for a Love Getaway? Mac Nuts Baby…Mac Nuts! It’s a funky little snack.

New Chip In Town

There’s talk on the street that these chocolate chip cookies are addicting. Extra chocolate chips and pure butter make these cookies amazing.

Snicker Doodle Dandy

These Snickerdoodles are a dandy cookie baked-from-scratch and rolled in delicious cinnamon and organic sugar.

Sweater Weather

Let’s have an adventure! You will fall in love with these delicious soft pumpkin spice cookies.

Uptown Chocolate Chunk

If you’re tasty…then flaunt it! These double chocolate chunk cookies will make you break out into some serious happy dance moves.